Caffeine&Machine The Hut

The Hut 

The Hill’s full address is:

West Meon Hut


GU32 1JX

Caffeine&Machine: The Hut has not only revived a pub that’s been closed for a period of time, but will be another addition to the vast and extensive car and bike culture scene that exists in this part of the world. Look forward to the same love and appreciation of all things that move you’ve come to expect from The Hill and The Bowl, but of course with its own distinctive twist.

It’s really important to us that we make a positive impact whenever Caffeine&Machine becomes part of a new community, ensuring that we’re a responsible, welcome addition. The way our customers continue to respect our existing venues and the communities surrounding them is massively appreciated, and we want to make sure this continues in Hampshire. Remember, if in doubt, Don’t Be a Dick!

The same process with entry and ticketing applies to The Hut that you have become accustomed to at both The Hill and The Bowl. You can see What’s On and find tickets for all venues HERE

New to Caffeine&Machine? Our FAQ page is overflowing with information about who we are, what we do and how it all works. Take a deep dive and find out (hopefully) everything you need to know. If we’ve missed anything then you can drop us an email.

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