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Chats to soothe the mind: I Love You, Man

‘I Love You, Man’ was born out of what we saw as a desperate need to encourage honest, open conversation and break down the self-made barriers we’ve all too often seen people put up around themselves in this world.

The idea is simple: on the first Monday evening of every month, a well-known figure in the automotive world joins us for the evening to sit down over a couple of drinks and have a sincere, candid conversation about cars, life and the universe. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that deep, but it gives our guests a chance to open up about their background, struggles and the highs and lows of their life with cars up to that moment.

We have a venue, in the form of our cosy Tipi, we have a host in car journalist and leather jacket enjoyer Alex Goy, and we have two causes: breaking down the stigma that all can too often manifest itself around emotions and mental health in this community; and raising funds for the guest’s charity of choice, to which all ticket proceeds are donated.

The chats are never recorded to create an intimate, personal atmosphere that encourages our guests to be as open as they wish to be, and so far we’ve been joined by TV and YouTube presenters, journalists, racers, car designers, influencers and other famous names who simply share our love for machinery (looking at you, David Gandy).

We always hugely look forward to welcoming each new speaker, hearing their stories and giving you, our amazing community, the chance to ask them questions of your own. Ultimately, ‘I Love You, Man’ is a chance to retreat from the madness of modern life for the evening and soak up the laughter, tears and whatever else comes bubbling to the surface.

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