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What is the #cultofmachine?

We use the phrase “cult of machine” a lot. But what do we mean by it?

Those that don’t understand will dismiss them as ‘just’ machines – metal, rubber, seats, and a flammable liquid or electric current on board to take people from where they are to somewhere else.

Those that do understand, though, really understand. That metal can take on soul-stirring visual forms, and that rubber can act with the road to generate forces that transform into life-affirming physical sensations. The seats and their surroundings can be a place of respite in which to gather your thoughts alone or make memories with others; and the burning of those liquids or charging of that current can rearrange our insides or produce noises that bring us to our knees.

Welcome to the #cultofmachine. If you’ve ever so much as had your eye caught by the unfamiliar shape of a passing car, or your hair’s stood on end at the sound of an engine, then you’re already a member.

The Cult of Machine not only encompasses all we do at C&M, but everything that encircles our community. Every time you head out for a drive, settle down for a Sunday afternoon watching motorsport, or double-tap a photo of a machine that catches your eye, you’re participating.

We believe there’s a few key things that make the #cultofmachine what it is, and at the very core of this is the people. It’s a community that’s vast and growing but welcoming and tight-knit all at once, and factors like background, identity and income simply do not play a part – it’s a case of come one, come all.

Off the back of this, we value the importance of conversation, of being open and respectful with one another and of checking in from time to time. Our love of machines, often with therapeutic qualities all of their own, is the perfect vector to make this happen and ensure that none of our own ever struggles needlessly.

Finally, we believe in always embodying the spirit of adventure. There’s a lot to see out there, and our beloved cars, bikes and everything else are the perfect companions with which to get out and see it, whether it’s in the next town over or on the other side of the world.

In fact, the way we’ve built up the #cultofmachine so far has been an adventure all on its own, one that we couldn’t have been happier to share with likeminded people. We hope you’ll join us as we continue to push it further.


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