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Caffeine&Machine cultofmachine Yard Event Car clubs: come and see us

Car clubs: come and see us

Let’s be honest: the spaces you’ll typically find car club meets being held aren’t particularly inspirational. This is where Caffeine&Machine comes in.

While on weekends we strive to make the Yard as varied and diverse a space as possible in terms of car parking, Monday and Tuesday evenings are all about car clubs. Book your club in, and we’ll reserve the entire front Yard, giving your members pride of place outside the building and offering an ambience and backdrop that goes far above and beyond the local retail park or showground. You’ll also have the extra advantage of our hearty Roadhouse food menu and our bar, well-stocked with hot and cold drinks for both drivers and passengers.

We’ll happily book in larger clubs, but please do be aware that when capacity in the Yard is reached, some of your members may have to head round to the larger car parks to the rear of the site.

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