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C&M People: Marcus Lau

Marcus, our Assistant General Manager, helps to run the bar at Caffeine&Machine. His journey there is one defined by determination and hard work.

It’s no small job to oversee the bar and front-of-house areas at Caffeine&Machine. It’s a big space with a big team working it, so it requires a certain sort of person to manage it. Luckily, our Assistant General Manager, Marcus, is that sort of person. He started in a casual role as a student before rapidly rising through the ranks. You’ll regularly find his infectiously smiley presence behind the bar.

How did you first get involved with C&M?

I came as a customer quite a few times while at uni.  I first started at C&M in early 2021, just a part time Car Park Marshal job to help me through university. I heard about the job from my housemate [and our current Business and Communications Coordinator] Ollie, who already worked here as a Marshal. I also thought it would be a fun summer job.

How did you work your way up to your current position?

My progression in the company is surreal when I think about it. I started as a Car Park Marshal, then moved on to Front of House. I had an interest in business operations and development, and within this company there’s a lot of potential. One of my aims when working at C&M is to gain as much experience I can. I decided to become a Team Leader in Training to help with that. This progressed on to Bar Manager, then to further my development and skills I was interested in the Assistant General Manager role, which allowed me to develop my management and business operations capabilities.

What do you enjoy about working at C&M?

C&M has always been about the people I work with and the people I’m interacting with. I love interacting with customers, whether it’s talking about cars or anything else they’re interested in.

Where do you want your career to go from here?

I’m always open to try any new opportunities thrown at me so I can improve my knowledge within the business. I have always been in interested in numbers and data – even more after gaining a business degree. Being able to look at data to measure the progress of the business and then reporting using data may give me the opportunity to monitor and increase the performance and success of the business overall.

What do you drive at the moment?

Currently I drive a slammed Honda Civic. Anything slammed with nice wheels just looks cool.

What’s your dream car?

I always wanted an Audi R8 when I was younger – no specific reason but they look cool. Since working at C&M, the one car that’s always caught my eye is the Honda NSX – also very cool, and it has pop-up headlights.

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