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C&M People: Amélie Boileau

Lively, outgoing, and owner of one of the coolest E36 BMWs we’ve seen, Amélie one of our Team Leaders in Training.

You’ll often find Amélie helping oversee bar and food service at Caffeine&Machine, adding a literal and metaphorical splash of colour to proceedings with her always-vibrant dress sense and effervescent outlook on life. She’s part of a group of Front of House Staff working their ways up the ladder as Team Leaders in Training. We chatted to her about C&M, cars and life in general.

How did you first get involved with C&M?

I only really came once or twice as a customer before I actually worked here, but it was quite well known within my group of friends as a cool place. I saw the job ad and thought ‘that sounds cool, I’m going to apply’. I started off as Front of House then worked my way up to Team Leader in Training, which I’m really grateful for.

What do you enjoy about working at C&M?

I enjoy the people and the vibes. It’s like literally nowhere else, I’ve never enjoyed a job so much in my life. It’s just fun, and it’s all the different people you get to interact with as well. The dynamic between staff in the car park, kitchen, and how we all work together – it’s really nice.

Where do you want your career to go from here?

I’ve got three different careers in mind, and I don’t know which one I want to go for. I’m doing my cybersecurity degree, and I also kind of want to be a tattoo artist. But I’d also like to work my way up here as well – and complete C&M!

What do you drive at the moment and why?

I drive a Techno Violet BMW E36 Touring [a 318i]. I was looking for a new car, and I really wanted something that was just me as a car. I like it because it’s just weird – it’s a big estate car and I feel like a really cool dad driving it.

What’s your dream car?

I don’t have one dream car, I just have loads and loads of cars I’d quite like to own. I’d love a Honda E, I think they’re really funky. I’d love a mk2 Golf, and I’d quite like a pink Ferrari F40. Or a purple MX-5 – specifically purple.

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