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Welcome to C&M’s clothing lines

You might have noticed some new bits of C&M merchandise recently if you follow us online or you’ve been to visit. We’re really proud of it, and this is the story behind it.

From the very beginning, it’s been our aim for Caffeine&Machine to be more than just a place. We’ve always wanted it to be a lifestyle, a brand that encompasses the incredible community that orbits around a shared love of things that move.

The Emporium was one of our first steps towards this. Occupying both a physical space in two of the Houndshill’s ground floor rooms, and a digital one on the Emporium website, it’s always been a place for us to showcase a range of clothing and accessories that we think embody the Cult of Machine. The thinking is that whenever you see one of our stickers in a car window, or spot somebody wearing one of our hoodies or tees, you know that you and that person belong to the same community and share the same ideals – the Emporium helps enable the creation of that bond.

We’ve always split our merch into a few lines, but last year, with C&M turning four, we decided to launch our biggest, most diverse range yet. We worked with a brilliant local designer to help make our ideas come to life, and sought out the best suppliers to ensure that everything we offer is of the highest quality and most ethical origins. We’re very proud of the result. Six lines, each representing a certain facet of the overarching Cult of Machine ethos, and encompassing everything from tiny everyday items like keyrings and air fresheners, to old favourites like hoodies and tees, to new products like jackets and overshirts. You can shop online now, or browse the Emporium in person next time you’re in the Yard; or you can read on to learn more about the new lines, where they came from, and what they represent.


The C&M roundel has become an iconic, recognisable design in its own right, and it’s always been a staple of our apparel. The Core line makes it the centrepiece of a series of classically stylish, minimalist wardrobe essentials, equally at home at work, in the pub or in the garage.


At the heart of the Church line is our very first logo, the est. 2015 a nod to C&M’s Dubai origins. Originally designed as staff uniform, there was so much interest in the original tees that they were quickly spun off into their own line. The latest drop features the Church logo in a range of neutral and pastel colours.


The Tool line has long been a staple of C&M’s apparel, defined by a big, bold streetwear-inspired graphic. For the new drop, we’re spinning it off into two distinct styles – one drawing from the urban-infused influences of skate clothing, and one from the playful patterns of vintage mod culture.

Cult of Machine

One of the key pillars of the #cultofmachine is community – we want C&M and everything around it to feel like home. This is the inspiration behind the Cult of Machine line, which draws from this mantra with a range of pieces defined by a big, bold backprint with graphics straight out of vintage motorsport.

Yard Life

The Yard is the beating heart of C&M and the #cultofmachine, and Yard Life is the vibrant gathering of people and machines that takes place there every day. This is what inspired the Yard Life line, a range of pared-back, pastel-infused pieces bearing a timelessly simple, retro-inspired script.


Inspired by our ever-popular Daikoku Nights #cultofmachine evening, the latest in the Daikoku line represents everything we love about Japanese car culture. It takes graphics drawing from the golden age of the Japanese tuning scene and combines them with a boxy, oversize fit straight from contemporary streetwear.

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