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313 is our non-exclusive exclusive members’ club. It grew out of a desire to provide devotees of the #cultofmachine with something a little extra – the opportunity to head out in search of adventure, experiencing machines, food and drink as they were meant to be and immersing themselves in the culture around them. Even the name is inextricably tied up in car culture – partly a simple letter-to-number cipher (C = 3, M = 13), it’s also the area code for Motor City itself: Detroit. It began as a ragtag band of early believers in C&M, but as we’ve grown, so has it, and we plan to take it further than ever going forward. Join now via our website.

For £313 a year (clever, eh?), your 313 membership entitles you to:

Access to a range of carefully curated tours of exciting automotive brands,

Drive Outs exploring some of the most stunning countryside and incredible roads the UK has to offer, and other unmissable opportunities

Free Yard tickets for our regularly scheduled events via a 313-exclusive booking system, and first refusal for everything else C&M-related

Monthly members-only socials, including drinks evenings and coffee mornings

A 313-exclusive engraved membership card and wallet, not available to buy, with more exclusive merch in the pipeline

A 20% discount on overnight lodging at the Hill

The Emporium
The Emporium
The Emporium
The Emporium
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