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Praise the Lowered (PTL)

Coilovers, air ride, hydraulics, lowering springs – however you choose to do it, dropping a car down low can work wonders for its aesthetics and handling, and is often one of the very first ports of call when it comes to modifying. Whether it’s for the track, the display circuit or just day-to-day use, lowering is a linchpin of countless custom car subcultures the world over.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it began, but you can see evidence of it in beautifully grainy period photos of early hot rodders, low riders and lead sledders of the 1950s. Essentially, as long as custom car culture has existed, lowering has gone along with it, and has been a mainstay ever since.

What’s more, it’s a global phenomenon – while those early examples have clear Californian roots, lowering has taken root around the world and across the decades. The bippu and drift cars of Japan, the Max Power-era modified hatches of the UK and the wild widebody creations coming from European tuners like Koenig and Gemballa during the 1980s are just a few of the myriad examples of modifying cultures where it plays a vital role.

The possibilities are endless, from the practical purpose of dropping a track car on a set of coilovers for a lower centre of gravity, to the simply outrageous – allowing a lowrider to sit flush to the ground before it springs up on hydraulics, or creating a static build and bracing yourself for the inevitable crunch over speed bumps.

Praise the Lowered is about showcasing all of these possibilities. Cutting down a car’s ride height is a common thread across so many different factions of the modified car world, and, as with everything we do, PTL seeks to unite all of these groups and showcase the wild creativity that this culture is shot through with.

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