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Honour the Uplifted (HTU)

Driving on a sealed surface is one thing, but head off the beaten path and into the wilderness, and it becomes a completely different ball game. Suddenly, there’s so much more to think about. How deep is that puddle? How sharp are those rocks? If I get stuck, is there anything nearby I can anchor a winch to?

It’s when the road ahead is strewn with mud and rocks and disappears off into the underground that a certain kind of vehicle is required. Whether it’s carefully picking your way through a forest or barrelling across the empty expanse of a desert floor, there’s a few essentials: big, knobbly tyres for scrambling over slippery surfaces, long-travel shocks for absorbing everything nature can throw at you and powerful spotlights for when the sun drops behind the horizon and it’s just you and the moonlight (and for looking extra-cool).

This is what Honour the Uplifted celebrates – the unabashed joy of pointing your vehicle at the landscape and seeing where you end up. You’ll find a surprising variety of machines fine-tuned for such a thing. Some countries have their own icons of the genre that live in the consciousness of not just enthusiasts, but the public as a whole – Britain has the Defender, the States has the Wrangler, Japan the Land Cruiser and Germany the G-Wagen.

Then there’s the more specialised stuff – the competition machines that are built to be flung across sand dunes and mountainsides at full pelt, or the full-on overland builds that act as their owners’ sole lifelines for days in the wilderness. And, of course, there’s some all-terrain machines that exist purely as self-indulgent toys – think the Ariel Nomad or the ever-growing number of Safari-build 911s.

From the tiny Jimny to the immense Raptor, the joys of off-roading can be sought out in machinery of all shapes, sizes and purposes, and Honour the Uplifted is all about bringing them together.

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